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Why Be Libertarian?

Strategies for a Libertarian Victory (Rothbard)

The Importance of the Caucus (Rothbard)

LP Resolutions:

On Strategy
On Coalitions


Plumb-Line Libertarianism
( Walter Block )



Anyone Can Declare Himself or Herself a Member

The Rothbard Caucus is a low overhead organization--no dues, no membership list, no scheduled meetings. If you think of yourself as a member, you are!

What To Do

What can you do as a member of the Rothbard Caucus?

  • Ask candidates to take the Rothbard Pledge. No need to stick to just those in your area.
  • Write an article for your libertarian newsletter on what you learned from the essays posted on this site. Identify yourself as a member of the Rothbard Caucus.
  • Host a discussion group on Rothbard's Stategies For A Libertarian Victory essay and the Rothbard Caucus's Ten Points .
  • Organize the presence of a Rothbard Caucus group at an LP convention.



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